Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretation
In this document, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder:

1.1 “Master Music” – The company Master Music AND/OR its directors AND/OR its employees.

1.2 “The Client” – The student enrolling AND/OR the person responsible for the account (if different from the student).

1.3 “Teacher” – The music teacher, responsible for facilitations of lessons, relative to the chosen instrument. Teachers are privately contracted with Master Music and are not employees or direct representatives of Master Music.

1.4 The singular includes the plural and vice versa. Any reference to one gender includes reference to the other gender.

2. Application
These terms and conditions apply to any provision of services or materials by Master Music to The Client.

3. Payment For Lessons Bookings
Master Music requires payment in advance for lessons bookings. Bookings will not be confirmed until Master Music has confirmed its receipt of any invoiced lessons fees and registration fees as stipulated in 3.1. Lessons fees are equal to the amount stipulated on the Master Music website at the time that the application is accepted by Master Music. Lessons fees are subject to change on 30 days’ written notice by Master Music to the client. Any payment to Master Music will be made no later than the date stipulated on the invoice provided. Master Music reserves the right to cancel or suspend lessons bookings in the case that a payment becomes overdue.

3.1 Registration Fee
Master Music requires a once-off registration fee for each student whose application is accepted. The registration fee is due only once Master Music has confirmed an application to be successful. Lesson bookings will not be confirmed until the registration fee has been paid in full by The Client. The registration fee amount is equal to the amount stipulated on the Master Music website at the time that the application is accepted by Master Music. The registration fee is non-refundable.

3.2 Payment Methods
Master Music accepts payment via EFT and Debit Order. Cash payments are not accepted. In the case that The Client runs on a monthly debit order, The Client qualifies for a discount each month equal to either R30 or 3% of the total invoiced amount for the given month, whichever amount is the lesser. The Client will be required to complete and sign a mandate to authorise Master Music’s bank to deduct the amount due.

4. Refunds
Lessons paid for are non-refundable. Master Music may at its own discretion provide refunds in exceptional circumstances only.

5. Termination of Lessons
One calendar month’s notice in writing to Master Music is required for the termination of lessons. The client’s subscription will continue and Master Music will continue to invoice The Client for lessons each month until the agreement is terminated with adequate notice by The Client. Only once Master Music has confirmed its receipt of such notice will the provided notice become valid. Lessons booked in the notice month are payable in full and will be invoiced for as per usual.

6. Cancellation of Lessons

6.1 Lessons Cancelled by the Teacher
Lessons missed or cancelled by Master Music’s Teachers will be credited for and then either scheduled to a later date or, in the case where the lesson cannot be rescheduled for a reasonable date, due to either The Client or Master Music, credit will be calculated into the following month’s invoice.

6.2 Lessons Cancelled by The Client with Adequate Notice
Lessons cancelled by The Client must be cancelled with written or verbal notice at least 24 hours before the arranged time of the lesson. Lessons cancelled in time will be rescheduled for a reasonable alternative date. If cancelled lessons have not been made up for by the end of the same month of their original booking, credit for a maximum of one (1) lesson will be carried over into the following month. All other lessons over and above this will be forfeit and will not be credited for.

6.3 Lessons Cancelled by The Client with Short Notice
If less than 24 hours’ notice is given by The Client, Master Music will make effort to credit this lesson and reschedule for a reasonable later date, but is not obliged to reschedule the lesson. If Master Music is unable to reschedule, credit will not be given to The Client.

6.4 Amendment to the Weekly Lesson Schedule
In the events The Client wishes to change the weekly lesson schedule, or The Client takes leave or is arranging its absence for several consecutive lessons, one calendar months’ notice must be given to Master Music. Late notice and notice on-time will be dealt with in the same manner as defined in 6.2 and 6.3 respectively.

7. Copyright
Master Music holds sole copyright ownership of any and all notes and learning resources shared with The Client. The Client is prohibited to share the use of any such material. The Client is prohibited to copy or distribute the material in any way whatsoever, unless given permission by Master Music. The above also applies to music, music notation and any other material shared with The Client which is not under copyright by Master Music, but already under copyright by another party. This type of material is shared with The Client for educational and practice purposes only, and is strictly prohibited from distribution, copying and shared use by The Client.

8. Non-circumvention
The Client is prohibited to request for or solicit the services of Master Music’s teachers privately with regard to any tutoring/teaching or tuition provision whatsoever. In addition, The Client is prohibited to engage with any previously employed teacher from Master Music for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of termination of such teacher’s employment with Master Music.

9. Indemnity
Master Music uses strict criteria when screening and recruiting its teachers, and makes every effort possible to ensure its teachers are of top standard, show high professionalism and offer a quality service to The Client. However, Master Music cannot be held responsible for the actions and behaviour of its teachers. As defined in 2., Master Music’s teachers are privately contracted with Master Music, and render Master Music’s services through the structure, syllabus and with the support provided to them by Master Music. The Client hereby indemnifies Master Music against, and withholds, any and all claims caused by or related to the behaviour, actions or failure of action of Master Music’s teachers. The Client is obliged to report to Master Music any concerns or observations made of inappropriate or dissatisfactory conduct or behaviour of Master Music’s teachers.

10. Disclaimer
Master Music will not be held responsible for the progress, success or lack thereof of The Client. Master Music provides educational facilitation to The Client, which is a basis for The Client to apply and develop with its own efforts.